A Z I E N D A - V I N I C O L A


geographically it corresponds to the hilly territory on the left side of the Tanaro river in the land-reclaiming district of Alba-Bra, between Sommariva Bosco and Govone, zone called Monferrato Albese and now known as Roero.
This name takes origin from an old and noble family, the Rotari or Roero, that had over these lands a secular feudal dominion.
It is a magic land with old castles that rise at the top of old towns and prosperous villages placed in open valleys of peach-trees and secular chestnut-trees.
The hilly territory, interrupted only by some spectacular steep rocks, is characterized by gorgeous vineyards where ripen the grapes of the Arneis, Favorita, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Moscato and Bracchetto.
Not far away from Alba and Bra, about 35 km from Turin, the Roero is perfect for people searching peace and tranquillity from the owercrowded cities, for people loving wolking in the green, for people loving the tastes and perfumes of the old day and about all for people loving good wines.

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