A Z I E N D A - V I N I C O L A


Grape Variety: Like its much more famous cousins Barolo and Barbaresco, Roero DOC comes from the Nebbiolo grape.
WATCH THIS WINE - IT'S GOING TO BECOME FAMOUS! Only 19 townships on the left side of the Tanaro River are entitled to be DOC.
Color: With adequate aging, RED with ruby reflections. Simmering Passion Red - Soon - you - will - see - that - I've - got - the - courage - to - kiss - you RED
Bouquet: Surprisingly delicate - and yet - and yet - when the violet and raspberry reminiscences come through... an olefactory statement!
Taste: tannic, dry, velvety and harmonious.
Alcohol content: minimun 12% vol.
Aging: depending on the vintage, either tolerates or demands 4-5 years
Serving Temperature: "Room" between 16-18C, uncork bottle at least 2 hours before serving... and if you want to be cool, place 5 yards away from a fireplace!
Great With: meats of every persuasion. ROERO is absolutely a 5 star wine! While the "experts" are bickering, look the somelier straight in the eye and say "ROERO" with absolute confidence!

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