A Z I E N D A - V I N I C O L A


The finest meal in your life is over. The espresso was served... the check was honored... The chef-owner comes out and tells a funny story about his daughter and the Japanese apprentice... They're sweet on each other and they're still in the kitchen making tomorrow's agnolotti. So what if his grandchildren will have almond-shaped eyes? A bambino is a bambino and we're all children of God! "Can I offer you something special? How about a Grappa? THE Grappa, the grappa of all grappas?!" Grappa Arneis - is so smooth that by comparison, most other grappas taste like liquid rocket propellent. Made only from the soft-pressed pomace of Arneis grapes, this velvety fine 42% vol. distillate can stand up to any Cognac. Containing 500 cc the bottles are objets d'art unto themselves. One word to the wise is sufficient: TRY!

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